Redefining Obesity is a ground-up intitiative driven by a pervasive cultural need for alternative views on obesity. Our message is completely dependent on the support of our followers, media, and like-minded organisations.


If you are in a position to support the cause in ANY way (spreading the word, donating, activism, reporting) please don't hesitate.  We need you!


We support all research that contributes to spreading a more holistic perspective on obesity and change. 


We also believe that all research on obesity can benefit from a "round-table" approach.  It is particularly important to have members of the obese community on board.  If you need help organising contributors let us know.


If you have a research project you think we might be interested in please get in touch!  


Are you interested in providing students an alternative to "healthy living" initiatives that focus on food and exercise only? How does weight discrimination play out in your classroom? We'd love to hear your stories and ideas!


Redefining Obesity hopes to eventually develop some classroom tools to provide kids with real info on obesity.  We embrace a kinder and more holistic view of health!